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What is the NFRBO?
The NFRBO (No-Fault Red Book Online) is a subscription-based internet resource devoted to facilitating a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the Michigan auto no-fault insurance law. It is a digital expansion of the popular and widely used case law annotation textbook series commonly known as the "Red Book,” authored by George T. Sinas and Timothy J. Donovan of the Sinas Dramis Law Firm, and formally titled “Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance Decisions.” The Red Book was published by the Michigan Trial Lawyers Association (now the Michigan Association for Justice) and was printed from 1978 to 2009, updated frequently during that long, successful run and utilized by hundreds of subscribers.

What does the NFRBO offer?
NFRBO subscribers receive the same incisive case law summaries dating back to 1978 that were contained in the original Red Book. In addition, NFRBO subscribers have access to a wide variety of information dealing with the no-fault system, including: a listing of all no-fault cases pending before the Michigan Supreme Court, an itemization of all no-fault proposals introduced in the Michigan Legislature, Insurance Bureau Bulletins, timely articles and commentary, and other valuable information.

How does the NFRBO work?
George Sinas, his partner Stephen Sinas, and their colleagues at the Sinas Dramis Law Firm prepare the case summaries and gather other helpful information for the NFRBO. The Sinas Dramis legal team ensures the site is updated frequently, so subscribers remain current in their knowledge of this constantly changing area of law. In short, the NFRBO is "The Auto No-Fault Information Highway" that all persons interested in the no-fault system should travel regularly!

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