The No-Fault Red Book Online (NFRBO) is the 21st Century re-invention of the widely acclaimed “No-Fault Red Book” (Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance Decisions, by George T. Sinas), first published by the Michigan Trial Lawyers Association in 1978 and supplemented regularly every year since. For over 30 years, the No-Fault Red Book was the main legal research tool for those who frequently interfaced with the Michigan no-fault system. However, in order to keep up with changing times and the technological revolution, the No-Fault Red Book is entering the computer age and, in the process, is morphing into much more than a resource to obtain summaries of court decisions dealing with the Michigan no-fault law. On the contrary, NFRBO will become the “ultimate destination for those individuals seeking an in-depth understanding of the Michigan no-fault law.” NFRBO will accomplish this objective by not only offering summaries of all no-fault court cases, but by also offering other services, such as: identifying pending no-fault legislation and pending Supreme Court cases; posting articles of importance regarding the Michigan no-fault law; presenting guest commentaries by recognized experts in no-fault issues; compiling information regarding verdicts, judgments, and awards in no-fault cases; and providing a discussion forum for all NFRBO subscribers.


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